Provide Interactive Content Experiences Your Readers Will Love


Fun, Engaging Formats
Non-Intrusive Displays
Don’t bombard visitors with annoying product recommendations. Instead, put the readers in charge of their content experience.

Teasers (FORTICOS)

Say anything to your visitors in a non-intrusive manner. You can quickly gather names by offering an incentive to click. For example, a clothing e-tailer’s call-to-action appeared for all new users on the homepage. It offered 25% off for people who clicked on the call-to-action. They were then directed to a beautiful landing page to capture leads.

Landing Pages

Create a beautiful lead-gen campaign in seconds. Mix and match any of our awesome content formats as often as you want. Whether it is a new promotional campaign for the holidays or a style-finder quiz, there are tons of uses that attract, engage and retain users.


Place your interactive content quickly and easily within any text on any page within your site and add lead forms, images, videos, and more.

Intent-Driven Pop Ups

Grow your subscriber list with pop ups delivered to the right person, at the right time, with the right message.

Granular Segmentation
Enjoy 100 percent control over who can see and interact with the call-to-action bubble.

Create different rules for hundreds of varying segments including by location, by new or returning users, by age, gender and much more.

Choose how long you want the bubble to appear for specific segments.

Brand your call-to-action with complete control over colors, text, position on page, and level of interactivity.

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