Monetize Every Impression on Your Site

Maximize your ad revenue


High-Converting Formats
  • In-Feed Video

    Display auto-run campaigns that start and stop automatically.

  • Quizzes

    Increase revenue with the most-popular Interactive ad type.

  • Stories

    A beloved format that automatically rotates frames.

  • Swipers

    Deliver ads in intuitive, interactive, and gamified ways, such as swiping left or right.

  • Teasers

    Animated, interactive floating buttons that take up only 3% of the screen

  • Product Grids

    Showing many different products in one ad offers the user a wide variety of highly relevant choices, increasing the likelihood for clicks.


Flexible Displays

One integration; tons of options.

Teasers (FORTICOS)

Show ads in a way that enhances, not interferes with the user reading experience.


Deliver interactive ads within a native setting.

Intent-Driven Pop Ups

Deliver ads that are triggered to the right person, at the right time, with the right message.


Keep users on your site by creating beautiful boxes that appear as a layer on top of the existing page they are already on. Paired with our Teasers, these offer more qualified leads since the person opts-in by clicking the teaser first.


Enhanced UX

Levrage the power and ease of how users interact on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, Copitalize on their affinity toward swipeable galleries.


Third-party pixels can be embedded into your content campaigns, so you can attract relevant audience in Google, Facebook and more.

Additional revenue source

A new revenue channel that curates products and services from advertisers and agencies based on the powerful AI targeting software.

Global Marketplace

Connect to our exclusive marketplace to reach premium advertisers worldwide for maximizing your fill rates, CPMs, and engagement.

Extensive Variety

From interactive polls, surveys and quizzes to swipers, stories and more, we have all the formats readers love.

A Easy Integration

A simple Javascript tag is all it takes to get up and running!

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