Text marketing for boosting ecommerce expansion and customer retention

Utilize FORTVISION for text marketing to increase ecommerce expansion and customer retention. Whether you're transitioning from another SMS and Whatsapp platform or delving into texting for the first time, FORTVISION ensures optimal returns from your marketing efforts.


Why opt for text marketing that includes SMS, Whatsapp and Telegram messages? The question should be, why not?

A significant 73% of consumers have made purchases due to brand texts
While 1 in 3 consumers favors texts
over emails from their beloved brands
Text marketing achieves a remarkable
5.5x higher click rate compared to

Utilize text campaigns and automated processes to connect with customers in real-time

Texting offers a distinct level of immediacy and personalization, making it one of the most effective means for brands to engage their top customers. With FORTVISION, SMS integration seamlessly complements email efforts.

Deliver customers precisely the messages they desire, via their preferred communication channel.

  • Engage with tap-to-subscribe welcome incentives
  • Announce new products effectively
  • Provide coupons and time-sensitive sales notifications
  • Alert customers about restocked items and price reductions
  • Confirm orders, shipping details, and delivery status
  • Follow up after purchases and offer assistance
  • In need of inspiration? Employ the new text assistant for automated text composition


Enhance connections and optimize support through text dialogues

With FORTVISION SMS, Whatsapp and Telegram messages becomes a reciprocal interaction. Increase satisfaction of your customers by receiving human responses when they text you! Moreover, see each contact cards to ensure each customer’s identity is recognized.

13,000+ brands using FORTVISION text messages to grow

49% more subscribers

40x ROI in 6 months with FORTVISION

25% increase in text conversion

Text marketing reports and benchmarks that are accurate and actionable

Vanity metrics don’t move your brand forward. Conflicting data from separate platforms can actively hold you back.

With FORTVISION, you know exactly what’s driving results—with the kind of cross-channel clarity that’s only possible when email and text coexist.

Built-in benchmarks and A/B testing take it even further, so you can nail down precisely how to inspire more purchases.

Text messages compliance safeguards for healthy lists and high deliverability

FORTVISION demystifies text regulations so you can confidently grow your lists and text your customers.

Opt in consent, opt out keywords and link, optimized hours based on clicks, quiet hours—it’s all built in.

Text Break the silo between email and text marketing

Sadly, many brands struggle with SMS, Whatsapp and Telegram messages when it’s separated from email—duplicate work, double-counted conversion, hindered automation, and lackluster performance. Utilizing FORTVISION you won’t have all this pain.

Grow with the FORTVISION email
and text marketing platform