How to Write a Killer Call-to-Action

Forget “banner blindness,” we are now at a point of “banner murder.” The number of people who click the X of any message before even reading it is astronomical.

Our team of content writers took to the streets of Chicago to find out what people had to say. Walking up and down Michigan Avenue, we asked 120 people the following question: 

When you land on a site and see a message popup, what is your first reaction?

87% of those surveyed said they automatically press the X of any message, thinking it is either spam, not relevant. Some said they just assume they will need to hand over their email addresses, and they are not even sure if they like the content first.

What's a Teaser?

Teasers take up only 3 percent of any screen, so the user can easily go about his or her normal browsing routine without breaking their momentum with an unwieldy coupon or popup.

Teasers are the best way for websites to deliver valuable messages to visitors without being intrusive. They can be any shape, but the most important part is that there is no way for users to become blinded. 

Recipe for Creating High Converting CTAs
Sale Teaser

Types of Teasers

There are a variety of teaser types available, but the most important thing to remember is that you can add any image or icon. What they all have in common though is that they attract more clicks than regular Call-to-Actions.

Interactive Content Call-to-Actions on Mobile


How to Quickly Create Cool Call-to-Actions


How to Write a Killer Call-to-Action

Animated Slides

How to Create Cool Call-to-Actions
Interactive Content Call-to-Actions on Mobile


How to use Teasers to increase sales

Image Flip

Rotating Cube

How to Write a Killer Call-to-Action
Interactive Content Call-to-Actions on Mobile


A Few Ways to Use Teasers

Every day, FORTVISION clients are coming up with new ways of benefitting from our product. Here are a few ideas we’ve seen clients use.

Promoting Discounts

Make sure your visitors don’t miss your most important sales.

Offering Support

Always be available–without being annoying.

Gathering Leads

Let visitors decide if and when they want to sign up. 

How to Write a Killer Call-to-Action
Cool Call-to-Actions

Directing Users

No matter where you want to send your users, send them there in style with cool teasers. 


Never lose new clients because they didn’t know what to do with your product. Instead, offer a simple teaser that allows people to get more “how-to” information right at their fingertips.

Showing Videos

Whether showing off new products, conducting a tutorial or anything else, do it with a video Teaser.

How to Write a Killer CTA (Call-to-Action)
Video Teaser and Pop up

How to Create Your Own Teasers

First decide what you want your Teaser to do. Here are the choices:

  1. Just a teaser (does not do anything when clicked). Great for announcing site-wide sales.
  2. A teaser that when clicked, directs users to anywhere inside or outside of your site. 

Step 1: Click on Teasers.

Step 2: Add Link.

Decide the behavior of your teaser. If you want it to be clickable, simply add in the webpage address. If you just want the teaser to stay animated but not be clickable, then leave it blank.

Step 3: Start Designing

Now for the fun! Choose which teaser you want to use (coin flip, slides, bubble, rotating cube) and start making it your own!

Step 4: Set up Your Campaign Parameters

Once you’ve finished designing your teaser, it’s time to set up all the targeting options available.

How to Write a Killer Call-to-Action
How to Write a Killer Call-to-Action
How to Write a Killer Call-to-Action
How to Write a Killer Call-to-Action
How to Write a Killer Call-to-Action

Step 5: Press Publish

How to Write a Killer CTA (Call-to-Action)

Step 5: Check Analytics

How to read Analytics Dashboard Call-to-Action

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