Turn Your Website into the Ultimate Brand Engagement Platform

Brands of all sizes turn to social media platforms to boost brand engagement. However, on their quest to forming rational and emotional connections with consumers, advertisers may be neglecting their own digital assets. Social platforms offer a holistic solution to brands’ consumer engagement needs as they are naturally driven by interactions between users. On the other hand, brand or publisher sites don’t provide consumers with that two-way stream of communication.

Naturally, brands navigate towards the quick and easy fix. Their audiences are already on social media, and brands flock to meet them at their comfort zones. With social media platforms’ fickle natures and constantly evolving algorithms, it is simply irresponsible to place all your eggs in their baskets. Why don’t brands just invest in their own digital assets to make consumers feel more comfortable when they visit?

One of our missions at FORTVISION is to provide an easy fix, much like social media platforms, for brands to turn their own digital assets into the ultimate brand engagement platform. To make users really feel at home, especially when it comes to younger audiences, the focus should be on three major elements: visual storytelling, interactive actions and intuitive gestures. This applies to any website, regardless of whether you are a news publisher, an eCommerce store or a travel website.

Here are just a few useful examples of how you can quickly create engaging content with your brand messaging and disseminate it instantly:


 If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a Story is worth 1,000,000. Are you a travel website? Are you looking to promote deals to a certain destination? Utilize social media influencer content captured at that specific destination and feature it as a story. This will act as a powerful teaser, vividly showcasing the destination through video and photo snippets.


The Swipe, a gesture adopted by popular mobile apps, brings playfulness and movement into otherwise plain experiences. The platform’s Swiper format allows you to not only let users dynamically navigate between visual content, but also gather audience feedback as Swipe Right means “Like” and “Swipe Left” means “Dislike”.


Polls are a quick and simple way to ask your audience for its feedback and two-cents on a certain topic. Consumers are used to brands inquiring about their wants and needs across social media platforms. With FORTVISION, you’ll be able to enhance any web or app page with a similar experience within seconds.

These are only three out of many versatile content formats such as video, landing page, quiz, personality test, chat, marketplace and more. Check out the platform for more quick and easy ways to increase brand engagement on your website.

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