Top Tips for Creating Killer Popups

No matter your opinion on popups, there is no arguing the fact that they are effective for capturing and generating leads—but only if you use them smartly.  

Here are some useful marketing tips when it comes to website popups.



1. Choose Your Popup's Goal

Before creating any promotional content, you need to first choose your goal: Collect Leads or Promote and Drive Traffic to  Content or Sales pages within or outside of your site.

  • Do you want more subscribers? 
  • Do you want to send visitors to a specific page or sale on your site? 
  • Do you want to send all new visitors to a registration page? 
Collect Leads
Adding a form to your CTA is a great way to quickly grab attention without having the subscriber need to go to a sign up landing page.
Direct users to any message, product, or landing page campaign. Check back often for real-time analytics on impressions and CTR.

2. Give Something Away for Free

Users are much more likely to click and engage with your CTA popup if they are provided something valuable in return. A few good examples of things to offer are the following:

  • Free Consultations
  • Discounts
  • eBooks
  • White Papers
  • Limited-Time Offers
  • so much more!
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3. Create Custom Messages per Segment

Not all visitors are created equally and therefore should not receive the same messages. 

  • eCommerce site owners can choose to show specific products based on geography.  For example, showing promotions on winter-wear to visitors located in warmer climates.
  • Marketers can promote events to visitors from a certain location.
By Past Activity
By Gender
By Interests
By Location

4. Create Triggers Based on Behavior

A popup trigger controls when your popup CTA will appear, and can be set in relation to the actions a customer takes on your site. 

For example, if an end user scrolls, lands on a specific page, stays on a page for a certain length of time or attempts to exit your site, you can show a popup asking them to take further action.


Set your pop up to appear when the user scrolls a certain percentage of the page.

By Page

Page targeting allows the user to experience a popup that is relevant for what they are reading. Page targeting can be setup a number of ways.


Time triggered pop-ups appear after the user has been on the site for a period of time. You can enter any time such as 3 seconds or minutes.

By View Count

If a popup is shown too many times, the user can get really upset. You can control the way you show your popups by a number of different factors:

5. Make it Mobile-Friendly

It’s too big to ignore. According to StatCounter, Mobile devices now account for as much as 50% of the total web traffic. It’s important to work with an editing platform that allows you to easily create mobile popups.

How to Create Popups Quickly

While it’s important to have an overall strategy for your pop ups, understanding the best ways to use and control them can help you improve your conversions with your customers. 

Try pop ups on your site!

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