Top Growth Hacks for Increasing your Subscriber List

The internet is a daily battle for attention. With consistent updates to Facebook’s and Google’s algorithms, content marketing has changed considerably. For instance, it’s become harder to have content with click-bait titles show up on Google searches and Facebook feeds.

This means that your content marketing, at both the strategic and execution levels, must adapt to those changes.

So, Why the Change?

Attracting audiences has become even harder today, as consumers are frequently inundated with content from everywhere. In fact, the average reader on the Internet only retains a fraction of what they read. However, pairing that static text with highly animated and super interactive content features, readers will remember your message, share your content, and visit your site more.

Content Formats with the Highest Engagement Rates


Quizzes receive 4x more shares on social media than static articles do (according to our research of more than 200 clients).


Increase conversion rates and customer loyalty via awesome customer service.


Quickly find out visitors' opinions.


No matter what you create, you can show it off in a fun, interactive way.

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