Top Engagement Tricks for the Holiday Season

This holidays are quickly coming. Have you started your preparations, yet? If not, don’t worry. You’ve still got time to create content with high engagement rates. Here are some quick ideas to help you get the most from the upcoming holiday season. In this post, we’ll show you how to optimize your site for a profitable holiday eCommerce season.

During the holidays, shoppers don’t care much about loyalty. They care more about who will offer the best deal. To get shoppers to convert more, there are many hacks you can do with content. For example, interactive content such as quizzes, polls, stories and bots help each user find what they are looking for in fun, unique ways.

Before we dive into examples, let’s see why it is so important to optimize your site for superior engagement. Just take a look at the eCommerce stats below:

Holiday eCommerce Stats

As you can see, the holiday shopping season is by far the most profitable time of the year for online retailers, which is why it is so important to make sure you’re prepared. Make sure your site is optimized to handle and support the increased traffic to your eCommerce site to not only improve the shopping experience but to make sure that holiday shoppers keep coming back after the holidays.

Interactive Content Ideas for Superior Engagement

Interactive content converts higher at anytime of year, so using it during the holiday season is super important if you want to grow. Interactive content gets the user involved by asking them to take some action on the interactive content type.

Here are some of our favorite interactive content types to use (see examples below).





Pop-Up Cards

Gift-Finder Bot

Halloween engagement tactics

Happy Halloween

For eCommerce owners, this is an exciting and scary holiday. It officially kicks off the holiday shopping season, so it's important you start off right.

Holiday Sale promotion

Happy Holidays

Teasers are great ways to let users know what specials you have going on without interfering their current browsing session.

Engagement for the holidays

Happy New Years

You might think that you exhausted all your resources and ideas by the time New Years comes, but that's not true! Contests are a great way to start off the New Year.

Interactive Content Benefits

More Relevant Data.

For marketers to serve their potential clients best, it’s safe to assume that the more data they have on a site visitor, the better. Thankfully, there are interactive tools to help you get the personalized data needed. 
Quizzes, polls and other interactive content allows the user to provide you with instant feedback.  With this information, you can create more targeted and useful content for them.

Interactive content converts buyers 70% of the time compared to just 36% for passive content.

Remember, the most important thing is to make sure your site is optimized for conversions, especially if you plan to spend money on an advertisement. The campaign is not done till the person checks out. There is nothing more disappointing than spending a ton on an ad that leads to a page with low conversions. It means it doesn’t matter how much traffic you receive if you don’t know how to maximize the traffic for ultimate sales.   


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