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Why is unique content important for SEO?

Unique content directly affects your search rankings. Search robots evaluate the uniqueness of the content submitted, using separate pieces of the text. They are entered into a search engine and checked. As a result of indexing, a verdict is made about the quality of that content. Then that page is risen or lowered in the search results.

Google does not like duplicate (the antithesis to unique) content. Studies say the more you update your site, the more traffic it will get. Why? Because Google gives higher priority to sites that release fresh content. You should aim to publish new material to your site at least twice a week. 


What are some effective ideas to generate leads for your content?

The best way to get leads is by offering something to your users in return. Many people call these lead magnets. For example, you can choose to gate some content by asking users for their email in exchange for the lead magnet (free ebook, coupon, etc.)

Interactive content leads to higher more sign ups. For example, we see clients use quizzes, contests, infographics and more to drive traffic and to get more leads.

By putting lead forms on interactive content, you will get many more leads than regular, static content. I hope this helps! 


What do I do with old blog posts?

If I were you, I would repurpose the content. You can do this easily by taking text from the post and putting it into different formats.

We see people recycle content or re-promote it by putting it in a different format—specifically interactive.

For example, any of your “how to” or “tips” articles make perfect infographics, or you can take a more informative post and turn it into a quiz. There is a lot you can do with old content!

Thanks everyone! Great content marketing questions today! Till next week . . .

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