What SaaS Saturation Looks Like–and How to Fix It

As digital marketers today, we have a wide array of tools at our disposal. In fact, we are frequently inundated with requests to try this tool or that tool, and as the market continues to grow, it only gets more noisy.

There are tools for just about anything, such as landing page, popup, survey, emailing and more is driven to help push users through the marketing funnel. But herein lies the problem. Now, we need to overcome tool overload.

How Marketers Use SaaS Tools Today

As marketing becomes increasingly technical and KPI-focused, it’s not surprising that new tools are being created to support these processes. This ranges from huge marketing automation platforms to a wide array of tailored products such as landing page and email creation services.

According to Siftery.com, a marketing tool that tracks the software used by thousands of brands, top B2B companies today use an average of 37 different tools for marketing.

Buffer Uses 60 Marketing Tools

The good folks at Buffer were kind enough to share their list of SaaS tools they use on a regular basis – and it’s hefty.

As a marketing team spread around the world — from the West Coast in the US to the East Coast in the US to Canada, to the UK and Singapore, we always keep an eye on the latest marketing and productivity tools to help us stay connected and do our best work. Our team also covers a range of marketing disciplines from social media to community building, to press relations, to content marketing. So we use many different tools to get things done and work towards our goals.

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Ahrefs Uses 21 Marketing Tools Daily

Ahrefs, a company that analyzes websites to provide competitive intelligence data on link building, content marketing and online reputation management strategies, regularly uses 21 different tools for their work.

These tools helped us—a bootstrapped company—reach $40M ARR in seven years … All businesses are different. What’s right for us may not be right for you.

Ladder.io Takes Advantage of 55 Marketing Tools

The folks at Ladder.io, a company that helps startups generate more growth, recommend 55 SaaS tools to their clients.

Our clients want results, and they want them fast. So we evolved up our own marketing stack—a list of 55 marketing tools that we use to help businesses grow.

Stefan Mancevski, Ladder.io Tweet

Downsides of Using Too Many Tools

Using marketing tools is addicting, and there is a tool for just about everything, so that means, as marketers, we are always looking to add more. The problems of having huge marketing stacks are plentiful: 


Marketing teams pay upwards of $2,000 per month on average for their marketing stacks.

Difficult to Manage

More tools means more passwords to remember, contracts to keep up on.

Hard to Gather Meaningful Insights

Since data is fragmented across multiple platforms, it’s hard to get a 360-degree view of your site visitors.


Multi-Use Tools

Look for tools that are capable of doing multiple things. In fact, this is exactly what we had in mind at FORTVISION when we created our product. It is very possible to get 10 tools in 1. 

Just take a look below.

How to Shrink Marketing Stack

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