Test Out This Blog On Beta Users – It Doesn’t Hurt to Try.

Failure isn’t the first step to success. Feedback is.

You’re ready. You’ve spent month after month, dollar after dollar and muscle after muscle perfecting your product. It’s your child and you’ve passed your blood, sweat and tears on to it. Launching is just around the corner and you can’t wait to sit back and watch your hard work take the stage of your industry.

It’s time … you think.

But what if that spotlight doesn’t shine your pride, but exposes all the mistakes you forgot to clean up? Blood, sweat and tears can get a little messy, after all.

You’ll never know … until you try.

Beta testing is your shot. It’s when companies offer test products for rewards to select users in exchange for feedback. This is the ultimate win-win situation: The user gets a demo of a product, while the company gets someone to catch mistakes and offer suggestions when polishing their final masterpiece.

Launching a product without beta testing is like publishing a book without edits; you’re at risk for typos, errors and worst of all, getting stuck in your own head. You miss worlds of possibilities without second, third and even fiftieth opinions, and you have nothing to lose from hearing them out. Imagine copies printed, shipped, and in reader’s hands and you’re regretting something as small as a sentence tweak or as large as changing the main character’s name.

But first, some things to note:

Your beta users should come from your target market. Do market research to determine what your target market is, and draw from that audience. One user could always disagree with another, but if you pull from the same pool, you’ll increase your chances of creating the optimal product for the optimal people.

Once you have your target audience, keep them up to date on your latest and greatest developments through emails. This informs your prospects about your product, and increases the likelihood that they’ll be with you for the long haul and purchase the final product.

Beta testing only works if you’re organized about it. Be direct about what type of feedback you’re looking for and make it easy to respond. If a test user doesn’t know what to contribute or how to do so, the whole process loses and value and you’re just offering away free services.

You should have a unique landing page for your beta test.

As great as beta testing is, it’s not the be-all or end-all. Beta users aren’t gods; they don’t like long waiting times or roadblocks and only about 25-50% will actually engage with the final product when it is launched. Take what they say, but take it with a grain of salt.

So do a beta test.

After all, it doesn’t hurt to try.


Beta platforms are hubs for companies and beta users to connect and interact. Companies post about their products on the platforms, and users seeking to experiment with new products sign up. They’re the super direct way to find beta users and a great way to send your test product into the beta world.

Some of the popular ones:

TIP: What you offer to your beta users will depend on what you’re selling and how close you are to the final product. You can go classic and offer a free demo, a discount for the final version, or other products from your company, or mix it up with swag and social media appreciation.


Social media is great for finding beta users because it attracts a large crowd, often a different one than the typical beta users you’d find on a beta platform. People who become beta users from social media represent more of the “everyday” consumer over users who are just hungry for the next beta job experience. But because social media is for everyone, make sure you target the people for your product.

Some social sites that are great for targeting the right beta audience


Just like you’d advertise a finished product, there’s no shame in promoting a beta run. Get the word out about a trial that comes with incentives: Not only will people be excited about the reward aspect, they’ll generate buzz surrounding your company and your product when it’s finally time for the big reveal.

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