Quick Hacks for Generating Leads on Your Site


We love increasing traffic, and it is definitely a good sign when it happens, but no matter how much traffic flows to your site, if you are not capturing the visitors’ info, then it’s bittersweet, especially for B2B or eCommerce companies.

The most important question you need to answer is:

How much am I willing to pay per QUALIFIED lead?

Exactly, what do we mean by qualified?

Well, what we do know is that the visitor is not cold, so that’s already a win! The person landed on your site from somewhere (direct, referral, search, paid ads). So, this is the most important time to try to grab their contact information, so you can nurture them in further email marketing. 

So, now that you know the leads already on your site are worth more, what would you do to receive their info? A pop up, an ebook, checklist, quiz, etc, there are many options out there.

Offer Downloadable Resources

When you offer users something valuable for free, visitors are more inclined to leave their contact information. This type of content-gating is great for receiving qualified leads. eBooks still remain one of the most popular ways for companies to increase sign ups,  foster brand loyalty, and engage better. 

Capture Leads with an "Enter to Win" Page Teaser​

Contests are a fun way to capture lots of emails quickly. The more broad the prize is, the more addresses you will receive, so it’s important to be careful because many leads received might not be the most relevant. Choose a prize with a potential customer profile in mind, so you can make sure to only capture the most relevant leads.

"Provide Incentive with a New Visitor Coupon" Pop Up

For eCommerce, it’s hard to convert first-time visitors since shoppers usually don’t make a purchase their first time on a site. Just in case they don’t bookmark your shop, it’s important to get their emails for future email marketing.

"Subscribe to Newsletter" Page Pop Up

When creating these, it’s important to consider when you want to remind the reader to sign up. These are great exit pop ups to use while someone is halfway through an article on your site, for example. Offer it in a way that is helpful to them. 

  • “Want more articles like these delivered straight to your inbox?”
  • “Make sure you’re the first to get the latest news!”

These are only a few examples. What are some ideas you have? 

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