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Advertising agency, d-say, and Mentos approached FORTVISION with the objective of
promoting a campaign that enabled individuals to purchase festive Mentos packages for
the Purim holiday. A secondary goal was to increase overall brand awareness and
cultivate a positive attribution to the brand.


In order to sell as many Mentos gift packages as possible, we created a teaser by placing an image of the impressive-looking package on top of the Fortico (a small bubble-shaped object that hovers over the screen causing minimal interference). This way, consumers were compelled and curious to tap the Fortico and visit the Mentos landing page. Within the page, users could select between two different packages as well as a colorful gift cards.

Target Audience

Mentos’ target audience was wide, aiming for both women and men aged 20 and older. Following a couple of days, results indicated that of those who responded to the campaign, 62% were males and 38% were females. It also showed the audience consisted of individuals also interested in sports, entertainment and news. The campaign was then optimized to target more individuals who possessed these characteristics.


The campaign yielded a CTR of 4.2% and unique CTR of 6.6%, as well as 3,433,582 total impressions and 144,318 total clicks.

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