Let’s Chat About the Chatbot

Amid all the chitter and chatter about what will distinguish your business this year, one must-have rises to the top: a chatbot.

Chatbots use AI technology to converse with customers and streamline their experiences. They can help navigate the site, direct consumers to desired products, clarify questions and so much more. They’re employees, they’re friends, they’re anything and everything you need them to be.

Some quick stats:


Of consumers worldwide used a chatbot for customer support in the past year


Of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020


Of consumers believe ‘customer service’ is going to be the major beneficiary of chatbots

So what's all the craze about?

There’s a reason chatbots are here and here to stay: they’re awesome. And here’s why …

1. Consumers need them

83% of online shoppers say they need support during shopping.

In rapidly growing industries, some consumers need help keeping up. Chatbots save the day. They simplify the complicated: easily locate information, direct consumers through advanced sites and provide a resource to turn to when the going gets tough.

Having advanced technology and an additional resource even for consumers who have it all figured out is reassuring. They’ll appreciate that you’re there, even if they don’t need you.

How to Create Chatbots

"Happy consumers make for happy purchases and ultimately, happy businesses. Chatbots facilitate this process."

And with users asking their phones for help more and more, help can travel with them. Chatbots are the on-the-go assistants they need.

2. We need them

Every business has a limit on time, resources and cost. Chatbots maximize them all:

3. We want them


Your chatbot is a representative of your company.

Chatbots increase interactions with consumers, building brand perception. Simply having a chatbot, a service ready to wait on customers’ needs, shows them you care. Engaging with your consumers increases your positive image, and can really build your brand.

4. We rely on them

Chatbots don’t just help consumers and businesses; they promote growth. The increased engagement that chatbots provide consumers with simultaneously accesses critical information. Gathering data, finding key trends in consumers’ inquiries and asking follow-up questions generates some pretty significant data you can use to reach out to more consumers and generate more leads. 

5. We stay fresh with them

Part of being in a growing industry is keeping up with the latest trends. In addition to all the above reasons on why chatbots are essential for your business, just matching your competitors is reason enough to invest. You don’t want to look ignorant or old-fashioned. You want to look new and cool.


You’ve heard why, and now you’re ready for a chatbot. But how?

FORTVISION is your answer.

Here’s why you should choose our brand-new service:

Rather than having a generic chatbot, FORTVISION allows you to customize the chatbot experience to match your business. Choose from our different colors, styles and themes to fit the perfect aesthetics with your brand!

FORTVISION allows you to add features to your chatbot that gather information on your consumers. Rather than just walking them through problems in the moment, FORTVISION’s chatbot gathers contact information for gaining followers and learning key insights on consumers in the long term.

For just $200, FORTVISION’s service provides not only a chatbot, but so much more – slides, stories, swipers, quizzes – all of which use AI technology to customize to create personalized experiences for consumers and increase sales.

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