How to Turn a Quiz into a Lead-Gathering Machine

We get asked a lot about how to use quizzes for b2b. There are literally tons of ways marketers are taking advantage of quizzes for marketing.

If you’ve never thought of using quizzes for lead generation before, you’ll be happy you know about it now! We’ll also talk about the significant benefits lead generation quizzes can bring you in terms of increased lead volume, lead quality and sales.

Quiz Benefits

Gathering Leads

Quizzes are an awesome way to quickly get leads. By placing a lead form on the results page, you are offering even more service than just the results. It is the perfect time to ask people if they would like to receive future emails filled with more interesting, engaging content types.

Getting Better Data

Learn more about who your customers are with analytics that show you how many people answer each question with each answer choice and how many people get each result of your quiz.

Qualifying Leads

As any good marketer or salesperson knows, it’s not about the quantity of leads you generate but their quality. It doesn’t matter if your new quiz is generating you hundreds of thousands of new leads to your business if none of them are worth getting in touch with in the first place.

Track Conversions with Built-In Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics Integrations

Send events to Facebook and Google for views, engagements, and completion rates. Track cost per lead and create custom audience audiences for quiz results or answers to specific questions.

Redirect Quiz Results

When someone finishes a quiz you can send them to your own landing pages that have the quiz results along with any tracking scripts you might need.

This way you can have people go straight to your own pages that are already designed for maximum conversions, you’ll still be able to do lead capture and segementation in the Interact quiz even if you redirect the results.

Generate 250% More Qualified Leads from Your Site Using a Quiz

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FORTVISION Quiz Best Practices

Not all interactive content creation platforms are built equally. Some have more flexibility than others when it comes to design. We have the MOST versatile design editor for content. Like photoshop and other well-known design editors, we allow you to work in layers, as opposed to just moving blocks around.

There are infinite ways you can use quizzes to gather more leads. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating high-converting quizzes!

Step One. Start New Campaign

Before you begin your campaign, you need to nail down the goal. What exactly do you want? Leads? Data? Awareness through social media shares?  It’s important to think about what action you want the visitor to take at the end of the quiz. Do you want them to provide their email addresses? Do you want them to go to a specific landing page by using a strong CTA in the results page.

Once you know what you want the visitors to do at the end of the quiz, you can begin to create your campaign.

How to Turn a Quiz into a Lead-Gathering Machine

Step Two. Choose Poll/Quiz

There are many options for creating interactive content. Make sure to choose “Poll,” then start designing!

How to Turn a Quiz into a Lead-Gathering Machine

Step Three. Create Cover Page

Enjoy complete design freedom. Use our tools to make it match your site’s branding. Upload logos, change fonts, and much more till it is exactly how you want.

How to Turn a Quiz into a Lead-Gathering Machine

Step Four. Add Questions.

Don’t forget to make the questions fun!

How to Turn a Quiz into a Lead-Gathering Machine

Step Five. Select the correct answer by double-clicking on the correct box.

How to Turn a Quiz into a Lead-Gathering Machine

Step Six. Create Results Page.

How to Turn a Quiz into a Lead-Gathering Machine

Step Seven. Add CTA or Lead Form to Results Page.

Make sure you are hitting your original quiz goal by including strong CTAs and Lead Forms. Lead Forms are perfect for quizzes! No matter the result of the quiz, you already know the quiz-taker is engaged with the topic. So, by offering to send more information related to the user’s results, you are piggybacking on what they are already interested in. This brings significantly more leads than typical static posts. 

How to Turn a Quiz into a Lead-Gathering Machine