How to Segment Your Audience Using a Lead Generation Quiz

Many people do not think that quizzes can actually be powerful lead-generation tools, but when used correctly, they are a lead-gen marketer’s best friend.

Segmenting your audience allows you to send more personalized messaging. With a quiz, you can segment your audience quickly and easily, basically doing the same type of personalization that giants such as Amazon do—but without the cost.

Why Segmentation is so Important Today

Segmentation allows you to send highly relevant, personalized email campaigns. With automation, it’s simple to connect different outcomes to different email templates. This way, you can easily send a follow-up email or message for each different outcome (segment) based on the results. 

Real-World Example

Anne’s Bra Shop in Missouri has a loyal group of shoppers but does not receive many newcomers anymore since a Victoria’s Secret opened across the street. Anne came to us wanting to offer something useful (and Free) to visitors to her site. She wants users to “walk away from her site with more knowledge.”

The store is unique because all of the bras are handmade to fit the individual. Of course this makes them a bit more expensive than what you could find at chain outlets. Anne knows the struggle many women have with mass-produced bras and has always believed in providing a customized solution.

She has been creating custom bras since her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and couldn’t find anything supportive or comfortable enough to wear. She was able to use her years of expertise to ask women questions most do not think about.

How to Segment an Audience Using Quizzes

The quiz, “Find Your Perfect Fit,” popped up on the homepage. The quiz comprised 10 questions then provided personalized recommendations on the type of bra to shop for. One of the questions asked users to choose their most annoying bra problems they face. Anne created segmentations for each of the owners.

At the end of the quiz, Anne asked if anyone wants to receive a promo code that can be used in the store or online. To her surprise, 78% of the people who took the poll actually did leave their own personal information.

She was able to segment her leads based on the following:

  1. Side gap in every bra
  2. Band around rib cage rides up
  3. Wires digging into the body
  4. Cups of bra are digging into the sides
  5. Falling straps
  6. Center wire not flat
How to Use Quizzes for B2B Marketing

Nurturing Based on Segmentation

Anne, then nurtures her clients with email drip campaigns that are highly personalized because they are based on the segments from the quiz results. Her email open rates were huge because she is able to provide customized tips.

Types of Interactive Content for Awesome Segmentation

Although they are all questionnaires of a sort, there are three different methods of asking.

Knowledge Assessments

If you’re a B2B site, knowledge assessments are crucial for engaging your visitors, since this format receives more engagement than static content. In addition to engagement, these interactive formats provide marketers with a ton of data that can’t be found anywhere else.

How to create a Knowledge Assessment Quiz
Lead Generation Quiz for Marketers

Personality Quizzes

Personality quizzes are popular no matter what type of company you are. These are very easy to create and they result in many sign ups that you can nurture with content personalized based on the results.

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