How to Optimize Your eCommerce Homepage for Conversions

How to Optimize Your eCommerce Homepage for Conversions

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When visitors land on your website, you have only a small amount of time to present the most persuasive message possible to win a sale before they walk away. 

Figuring out how to communicate this message in an effective way—without disrupting their user experience—is key to executing successful eCommerce marketing activities.

If you utilize website popups and light boxes intelligently, you can nurture users and push them through the purchase funnel quicker.

The following are a few examples of how to enhance your visitor’s experiences:


Placing strategic call-to-actions (buttons with deep links) on your homepage helps direct potential shoppers what you want to amplify.

Some popups CTA’s get lost in all the text & content on the display, which is why we created interactive, animated  CTAs that stand out.

Promos & Coupons

A coupon that appears right when the user enters is a great way to capture leads without being annoying. After all, you are offering the shopper something free.


Contests and giveaways are promotion tactics through which retailers can both acquire new customers and engage with existing customers, all while building brand awareness and growing your business — when done successfully.

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Become a Subscriber

Build your list of followers for email subscriptions. That way, you can nurture the users throughout the year. Sending birthday emails, to special promotions, and more, you have a much higher chance of retention and customer loyalty.


Learn more about the people visiting your site. Find out what people want to find. You can then take that data and decide what brands to carry again.

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Product Surveys

Find out what users think at any point when they are on your site. If you want to decrease bounce rates and keep people on your site longer, it’s important you understand what they think of what you’re selling.

Survey Pop Up for Conversions

There are tons of options to help you convert more visitors into shoppers!

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