How to Keep Your eMail Subscribers

It’s not enough to just attract users to your siteyou need to get them to sign up and then maintain those subscriptions, too. Here’s how to make content easily digestible, so users actually look forward to what they’re receiving, and crave to hear from you.

Sometimes it is easier to spend a few dollars on Google Ads to get that highly relevant traffic to your site, but that is only one of the issues facing marketers today. You also need to understand who your users are and what their preferences are. The days of aimlessly writing articles, hoping to attract users at random are over. You need to actually personalize your content to make sure you are offering users what they truly want to read.

Ask Users What They Want to Read

There is no shame in asking for topic ideas within your email.  Your readers will be impressed that you care about what they are interested in and that you will actually follow-up on your promises, by writing relevant content. Asking questions shows you care about your users. They are more than just numbers, and they need to feel that way. You will be surprised at the amount of people who take advantage of this.

Take the text below and add it to your emails:

What do you want to know next? Our team is at your service! If there is anything we haven't covered or something you want an update on, simply reply to this email with your suggestions, and we'll get right to it.

Content Best Practices

Coming up with fresh content is hard, but there are things you can do to help make it a bit easier. Here are some tools that will help you come up with winning content ideas:

Provide Fun Facts

We all get a kick out of these. Choose topics relating to your industry and highlighting interesting, unusual, or rare facts. Readers look forward to receiving these according to email open, subscription and unsubscribe rates.

Feature User Stories

No matter what any business says about itself, it will never compare to real reviews. This is why testimonials and case studies are essential. A catchy email subject line that works well every time is based around user stories, for example: Check out how Company X Achieved its Goal by 3X.

Make it Short and Sweet

Remember that content should be easily digestible, especially in an email. This includes content-driven design features. To create the perfect email, use clear and concise messaging. Bullet points are great because they are visually aesthetic and easy to consume. 

Be aware, however, because bullet points can be confusing to the reader if the statements are not all in the same format: tense, plurality, type, etc. 

How to Capture More Emails

First thing’s first: everything you have needs a form attached to it! You need to attach software to your blog, so that you can put it anywhere. FORTVISION offers a plug-in that makes creating and employing lead forms a breeze. You can find it along with others in the plug-in shops of your site’s host or you can add a simple tag once to your site.

Capturing Leads within Blog Posts

By providing stellar content that you promoted on social media or elsewhere, you might attract the right type of users to your site. But that isn’t enough. UserS will be more inclined to hand over their email addresses if they know they will receive great content. A good place for these sign up forms is within the content (breaking apart two paragraphs), in the sidebar (where users frequently look) and as a triggered popup.

More than Just a Form

Plain forms don’t get much conversion. Why? Because site visitors today are hesitant to give out their contact information. So, it’s now necessary for companies to give something away. This can be in the form of quizzes, downloadable lead magnets, interactive messaging, contests and more.


This type of format is perfect for gathering leads because the contact is already interested in the topic. All you need to do is offer them even more info related to their quiz’s results.


Contests for getting sign ups is nothing new, and there is a good reason why. People love getting free stuff, and they love winning. If the offer is good enough, visitors have no problem leaving their email addresses.

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