Revenue: How to Get More Conversions

Chances are, you spend lots of time, money and energy attracting visitors to your site, which is the first step to growth, but it still does not necessarily equate to increased revenue or conversions on your site. Super frustrating, right?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. 

Optimizing Your eCommerce Business for Increased Revenue

Before you get overwhelmed, remember that there are companies with solutions for converting on-site traffic. AI-driven personalization mixed with Interactive content tools are the right tools for conversion, and now that we know that just getting people to your site is not enough to convert them into shoppers, let’s discuss the methods to convert them into customers.

Enter Interactive Experiences

According to our poll last month, 96 percent of the marketers surveyed said using interactive content to target different stages of the funnel converted more shoppers to buyers than using static popups.

Interactive content is a win-win for everyone. Readers enjoy consuming it more than static content. In addition to it being more enjoyable for readers, it is better for you because you are able to tap into better data.

For example, a poll can help you uncover psychographic data, which is better suited to converting users. No matter how much demographic data you capture, it only goes so far as to how it can personalize the content. Knowing the age group and location are great, but imagine if you could find out the person’s favorite color?

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Get users engaged with gamified features, such as swiping left or right. Allow users to quickly swipe through items for a better shopping experience.

eCommerce Business


No matter where your visitors are on your site, send them a friendly message to see if they need any assistance. These AI-driven chatbots are perfect for personalizing your messaging based on the user's interaction with the site. This high level of personalization helps you turn browsers into buyers by understanding the user's needs at each stage of the marketing and sales conversion funnel.

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Create top-layer buttons that grab visitor’s attention without interfering with the user experience. Teasers can be used as buttons to lead shoppers to specific pages or products, or your teaser can open up an iFrame filled with any message you want the shopper to see once clicked on the Teaser.

Learn How to Create a Quiz

Style Quiz

Turn visitors into loyal fans through engaging skip-logic quizzes that send users on different journeys based on each response.

eCommerce Story Promotion

Mini Mags

Show visitors your personality through rotating cards to tell a story that typical shopping experiences don’t offer. Whether tips on how to use the product, quotes from designers, testimonials, and more, these blank canvases automatically rotate, showing the most relevant cards to the most relevant shopper profile.

Rotating Promotions

Add beautiful eCommerce cards that automatically rotate, showing off anything you want the visitor to see. For example, you might want to show different promotions based on that person's location.

Teaser + Interactive Shop Flip Cards

Show off any new collection without being obnoxious and interrupting the page they are currently shopping on.


Everyone loves a good contest, so it's a great way to quickly get a lot of leads that you can then nurture into sales.

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Smart triggering makes sure you send the right messaging to the right user and the right time.


Triggering messages to appear right as the user is about to leave is a great way to engage with and learn about your audience.

Idle Time

Automate messages to pop when a user is showing idle behavior. Maybe a quick message or suggestion can get them active again.

Specific URL

Low converting pages are a great spot for engagement campaigns.


Personalize your messaging based on the visitors’ genders.

First-Time or Repeat Visitors

Personalize your messaging based on the visitors’ genders.

The problems may still be here, but now we have the solutions to combat them. Through targeted, interactive content, it is possible to increase sales by offering personalized support to each user who enters your shop.

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