How to Increase e-Commerce Conversions

One advantage that shopping at brick-and-mortar stores still has over the e-Commerce ecosystem is interactivity and personalization. Shopping in person can be a more engaging experience, and many still find it relatively fun. 

So how do you take the best, most beloved parts from in-store shopping and apply them to your e-Commerce shop?

E-commerce retailers can change up this dynamic—and can stand out from online competitors—by investing in interactive content.

Personalization with AI

AI is a game-changer. It gives companies the opportunity to drill into datasets to understand human reasoning and decision making and the more information they have, the more they are able to learn and predict our behavior and thought processes.

This allows a personalized level of engagement: they can understand our motivations, anticipate our behaviors and personally guide us to purchase situations.

Quick Profiles.

Understanding visitors right away allows you the ability to know which message is most relevant per user. 

  • Loves to Travel
  • Lives in Miami
  • First Time Seeing this Campaign
  • Visited the Site 4 Times Before
  • Never Made a Purchase
  • Uses Apple Products
  • Watches Soccer
  • Came from Facebook

Personalization with AI

Data Used.

  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Current Session or Cart Data
  • Product Interactions
  • Referral or Traffic Sources
  • Weather Targeting
  • Most Popular Interests
  • Geo-Location
  • CRM data
  • Operating System
  • Site Behavior
  • Much More

Interactive content performs better. The never-ending love affair we have with personality quizzes, the usefulness of stories, and the cool engagement with swipers are tools eCommerce shops need today to offer ultimate personalization.

Recommendation Poll

These are great for getting to know your shop’s visitors as well as providing them a service: personalized recommendations based on their individual results from the poll.

Top Ways to Use FORTVISION to Increase eCommerce Conversions


Assist users with customized messaging that triggers based on a variety of factors that you control: when someone has been idle on a product page, when someone is at the check out page, etc.

How to Create a Chatbot for a restaurant


These are great ways to collect email addresses and to attract new users. For example, creating a landing page that includes a contest is great to be shared on social media to get new visitors to your content page.

Top Ways to Use FORTVISION to Increase eCommerce Conversions


eCommerce shop-owners engage users better through interactive, rotating stories, such as “This Season’s Top Trends,” “How to Tie a Scarf,” and “How to Find Your Correct Concealer Shade.”

Exit-Intent Pop Up

Timing is everything when it comes to messaging. Setting up a customized message when the user is showing signs of leaving, such as upon scrolling back up.

When it comes to achieving e-Commerce goals, marketers and advertisers today need to use every tool available under the sun. Today, that means more than just the look and feel of the campaign, it’s about what happens behind the scenes, and that is where AI fits in.

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