How to Improve Your Page’s Loading Speed

You know what actually can kill the buzz, a site with a slow loading speed!

If you are looking to download the latest season of Orange is the New Black—a quick Google search will provide you with hundreds of links. But when the internet is down, or a heavy website is taking forever to load, it is easy to get frustrated.

In this blog, we will explain why time is of the essence when it comes to website loading times. We’ll also discuss a few ways you can enhance your site speed. Let’s begin.

Why exactly are fast loading times so important?

It’s no secret that mobile has taken over laptops and desktop computers when it comes to making a quick buy. However, the average mobile load time borders on eternity—22 seconds! Considering the fast-paced lifestyle most people are leading today, nobody has the time and patience to stick around and wait for such a slow-loading website.

Hence, your less-than-optimum speed will have a direct, negative impact on the number of customers you see per month. What’s more is that it can even lead you to lose the customers you already have! Let’s see how.


It dissuades visitors from abandoning your website to go to a competitor

Firstly, a slow loading site can be so exasperating that a visitor may leave the website altogether. As mentioned above, nobody likes to stick around and wait for hours for a single webpage to load. When these potential customers begin to leave your site without their needs being fulfilled, guess who they are going to? That’s right. Your competitors.

Hence, with slow loading speed, you are not only losing your business, but you are losing it to your biggest competition. This means that your competitor will now be making more money than you and can use those funds for advertising and marketing. He may decide to make the user’s website experience even better or may choose to invest in increasing the quality of his products. In this way, this leads to an ongoing cycle of you losing customers and your competition gaining them.


It increases the visitor engagement rate

Content marketers need to emphasize loading times is because a website that only takes a couple of seconds to load has a higher engagement rate than a slow one. This discourages potential customers from checking out more than the product they came for. Hence a fall in the revenue you generate at the end of the month.

The following image shows the result of a study and compares increasing loading times against the bounce rate of the site.

Page Load


The Google algorithm loves websites that load fast

Probably the most important benefit of having an impressive loading speed is having a higher ranking in Google’s search results. Any search engine wants to put the websites their users are most likely to get advantage from at the top. Google has announced quite openly that its algorithm takes the loading speed into consideration when it comes to rank the results to a query.

For example, when you Google the words “leather jacket store” or any other variant of the same phrase, Leather Skin Shop is one of the first three results. Though there are many different factors at play here that have made the site rank so high in Google’s algorithm, the lightning-fast speed with which the site loads definitely plays an important part.

How can you improve your site’s loading speed?

Now that we know the ways your site’s loading speed affects your monthly conversion rate, let’s discuss tips to help you enhance the speed.

Let a quality SEO agency take care of the trouble

If you are running a business, chances are that you probably do not have the time to optimize your site’s loading speed. Considering how radically the site speed impacts how well you do, you might not want to risk a DIY job. Luckily, there are many competent SEO agencies today that offer to take care of the trouble for you.

Quality SEO agencies have both, the experience and the expertise, to make your website one of Google’s 3pack. Instead of wasting money on the amateurs, it is far better to hire the professionals for the job such as SEtalks.

Identify the main landing pages you need to optimize

The second quick tip involves recognizing the pages that SEO leads most of your customers to. These pages are the ones that need the highest loading speeds the most. Once you have identified the main landing pages that make your first impression, you will know where to start from.

Think twice before putting up yet another image or video

Though a picture is worth a thousand words, they are not always better than text. Putting up exciting photos and videos can be tempting due to the potential user engagement they have to offer. But crowding your site with too many of them can make your site heavier to load. What good are pictures that no visitor will stick around to see?

Instead of uploading yet another picture to highlight the services you offer, make effective use of simple images. The rest of it can be made by cleverly written content that hooks the consumer on your site like a fish to a line.

The final word

How long do you generally wait before you give up on a slow loading website? Is speed something that you prioritize when surfing the web? Let us know what you think by commenting down below!

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