How to Get More Demo and Free Trials Requested

Guide to getting More Relevant Sign Ups

Optimizing every page of your site for sign ups and demo requests is crucial to staying relevant and competitive today. To bring in new customers and to encourage them to move through your sales and marketing funnels, you want to ensure that your website’s sign-up forms and landing pages are encouraging people to take action.

But with so much competition out there, it’s critical that these be designed in a way that discourages visitors from clicking away. So, what are the biggest trends right now and what are the best ways to increase sign ups?

1. Include Lead Magnets

It is important you offer something to your visitors enticing enough for them to hand over their private information. The more relevant the lead magnet, the more sign ups you will receive. Some good ideas are the following:

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2. Create Raffles

Raffles are a great way to quickly gather a list of relevant leads. The more niche you make the prize, the higher the value of the leads. If you give away something everyone wants, it’s great for generating emails but not necessarily qualified leads.

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3. Make it Completely Yours

Having complete control over design means that you get to personalize each tiny thing, so you can make sure it fits in with your unique branding (colors, fonts, etc).

How to Get More Demo and Free Trials Requested with Landing Pages

4. Animate CTAs and Teasers

Animated teasers are great. They attract more attention than static teasers and pop ups, and it’s easy to understand why. There are many options for animation, including flipping, spinning, rotating cube and more.

How to Optimize Your eCommerce Homepage for Conversions
eCommerce PopUP - How to Optimize Your eCommerce Homepage for Conversions

5. Minimize No. of Data Fields

Try to include the least amount of forms fields as possible to capture more sign ups. The more barriers people need to hop through, the less sign ups you will get, which is why it is super important and crucial that you don’t ask too much information right away. Name and email are the two most important!

6. Use an Exit-Intent Pop Up


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7. Add Reassurance

Don’t forget to add reassurance by letting your users know that you won’t spam or resell their info.

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