How to Gather More Leads Quickly

Potential consumers are everywhere. Leads are often within your reach, but you find yourself struggling to secure them. Here’s how to gather more leads—so you can turn potential users into long-term consumersand grow your business:


Identify your audience

The first step to attracting an audience is getting to them. You’ll need an understanding of who your potential consumers are in order to determine how to best target them. Do market research through analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, or Domo to find the demographics, geography, age, interests, and other helpful trends of your business.


Use social media and use it well. Then use it again. And again.

Social media isn’t just the latest trend, but a critical business tool; with it, you can network with thousands of leads with minimal time and effort. But if you don’t engage with your leads frequently and in the right way, the tool is wasted. Potential consumers who see an inactive social media account may begin to doubt the professionalism of your business and perceive it as underdeveloped.

Leads are people. They require interactivity and they need to feel cared about. Make sure that your social media posts aren’t generic, but actually target your leads as humans rather than just parts of your business. Here are some features to include in your social media posts to expand your influence and interact with your audience:

Use hashtags (about 1-2 per post). Find high-ranking keywords with the Keyword Explorer. Short-tail keywords, which are three words or less, attract higher volume but greater competition and a wider focus. Long-tail keywords, which consist of more than three words, attract less competition and a narrower focus, but also lower volume. Be sure to use both short-tail and long-tail keywords!

Ask questions and create polls, creating a space to share opinions and personal stories. For example, an eCommerce owner could poll consumers to gain insight on desired brands. Sample questions could include: Which brand do you wear most? Which brand are you least likely to wear? Which brand do you think is most/least appealing?  

Tell your followers to reply and like comments. Reciprocate by replying and liking their content

Provide a chat service. AI-driven chatbots to deliver around-the-clock customer assistance.

While the type of social media changes depending on your target audience, research has shown that Twitter and LinkedIn are typically effective platforms for businesses to gain leads.


Identify your audience

Referrals and influencers create traffic to your business and incentivize leads to flock to it. Offering discounts or special rewards to existing consumers who recommend your business not only increases your sales, but creates an environment of excitement. When consumers incentivize their friends, families and coworkers, your business becomes a hot topic.

Similarly, you can boost your trendiness and reach new leads by getting influencers to promote your product on social media. Find big names that are followed by and respected by your target audience to make videos or social media posts promoting your business.

Here are some tips for using influencers:

Find Them

Buzzsumo is helps you locate influencers to promote your content

Narrow it down

Programs such as Alexa rank and Klout rank influencers based on their global influence, so you can determine which route to choose


First, do your research to familiarize yourself with your potential influencers’ collaboration policies. When you reach out, focus on building a relationship and be direct about your proposal. Remember to be professional and always your business account.

You don’t have to shoot for the moon. Micro-influencers can be highly influential, and ExpertVoice found that 82% of consumers reported that they were highly likely to follow a recommendation made by a micro-influencer. 

TIP: Consider creating social media contests to generate even more buzz. If you can offer prizes, discounts or rewards for promoting your business through social media, you’ll attract new leads in addition to making your existing customers even more dedicated. You can offer a prize to the “best” post or enter all participants in a raffle, depending on the type of contest. Contests that have seasonal theme like a holiday or back-to-school are always great!


Create a blog

Having a strong SEO is one of the most important ways new leads find you beyond social media. Writing content with keywords to attract your target audience increases your presence while giving your existing leads something to read. The more content you write, the more likely you are to pop on searches. Be sure to promote your blog on other sites that leads gravitate to in addition to social media. Post about your blog on forums and comment on other blogs to direct and gather more leads to your site. 


Create quality content

Make sure you keep creating content in various forms. Different people are attracted to videos, blogs, photos and articles. You can easily expand your influence if you have a surplus of content to post at your disposal. Substantial posts full of meaty and diverse content in places of in places like Facebook groups and are key to finding and attracting new leads. 


Automate your marketing

Let us help you gather more leads.

Digital marketing companies such as FORTVISION help at each step of the way, increasing your reach and making lead generation a seamless process. Simple to install and easy to use, FORTVISION works with you to create customized messaging, SEO boosts, teasers and interactive features to market your business. FORTVISION’s Skip Logic tool helps you send users down different advertisement paths based on their information, so each user experiences your business as personally relevant to them.

Generating new leads can seem like a daunting task, but with these tips, it won’t be long before your business blossoms!

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