eCommerce Case Study
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To increase brand awareness and to get more leads for short- and long-term nurturing.


Reach a very targeted, niche audience at scale while achieving performance and acquisition goals.


Run highly targeted campaigns on the FORTVISION discovery platform to drive quality traffic to the company’s content, leading to a high conversion rate.


The company used playable creatives (video) to attract more visitors, increase brand awareness and boost subscriber rates, resulting in a 2X higher click-through rate (versus control video ad).

Interactive Content Case Study


The growing company has 8 eco-friendly buildings with more than 300 units per building. The company delivers the ideal combination of green living, urban location, luxury amenities, and proximity to transportation all in the heart of an eclectic and vibrant neighborhood.


Due to the nature of its product, the company needs to educate the potential customer about the advancements and benefits made in eco-friendly materials. It used to be super expensive to live in a green home, but with advancements in construction, the price is considerably more reasonable now. In addition, the company has released new data that proves its residents have saved more in the past 10 years than non-Green homeowners.

The company wanted to educate the market on the ease of lowering their carbon footprint today that doesn’t require much action by the person. The company has made it easy to live Green by already incorporating energy-saving and green materials.

Interactive Content Case Study
Case Study Interactive Content



We suggested the company A/B test two different ads with different images. One showed people and the other showed just design. When we used a picture of a person, the ad was clicked on 2x more than the version without a person in it.


Call-to-Action Button
We placed a small, non-intrusive, interactive call-to-action on the homepage. It was a cube that rotated, so it grabbed the user’s attention right away. Once clicked, the users were shown an advert with a lead-gen form.

The company created an ad featuring an interactive video that showed a virtual walk-thru of one of their buildings. Because of our unique algorithm, we actually know how much of the video was viewed, making sure that the views were legitimate.


The company’s on-site traffic was increased by 10x in 2 months with interactive ads. The company received a 2 percent CTR, which was significantly higher than their previous campaigns on other platforms.

Case Study Interactive Content

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