From Boring2Baffling: B2B Experts Reveal How to Win the Content Marketing Game

Creating content is easy. The challenge is in creating meaning.

Whether you’re an established business fishing for fresh ideas or a newbie just trying to find your voice, developing content in the B2B arena is no simple game. The rush of diverse ideas, niche audiences and competing strategies can leave you winded as your competitors rack up point after point.

But fear not.

If you don’t know what content marketing even is, or if you already think you’re a pro, practice makes perfect. That’s why we’re bringing in some of the most successful content marketing practices from today’s rising B2B companies. We’re revealing what’s worked and what hasn’t to help you with your practices—from their B to your B and beyond.

It won’t be long before you perfect the game, too.

Wis2Biz is a small startup that uses AI technology to create effective weight loss programs.

B2B Experts

Experitest provides quality assurance tools for mobile DevOps, such as test automation, manual testing, performance testing, load testing and monitoring for mobile applications.


Zoomin is a SaaS company that delivers product answers by personalizing and modernizing technical content for consumers.

Defy The Status Quo is a content marketing company for B2B consulting firms and service providers.

B2B Experts Reveal How to Win the Content Marketing Game

Film Jackets provides consumers with affordable, high quality leather jackets

helps gives workers a voice through interactive kiosks, helping businesses reduce turnover. is a SaaS startup that helps eCommerce merchants sell cards and eGifts.

1. “Post valuable and engaging content, rather than just promoting your them stay informed about business and industry trends.”

Leah Linsky, Content Creator, Wis2Biz

Treat people like people, not businesses. Marketing is so important that we sometimes let it take over. Consumers are constantly compounded with “buy,” “do” and “choose.”

But just because each piece of content has the space for you to pitch your products, doesn’t mean you should fill it.

Some of your content should be promotional, but research indicates that only 20% should promote.

So what do you do with the other 80%? Our B2B leaders have some thoughts:

“Generate articles that are less about the marketing side and offer more practical information.” ​

Jonny Steiner, Content Manager, Experitest.​

“Focus on how your product or solution can improve their workday, make them look awesome to their boss, or solve a pressing problem or challenge.”​

Adam Vinokoor, Content Marketing Manager, Zoomin.​

The point: there’s no right or wrong. Different audiences gravitate to different types of content. But make sure you’re providing something useful, rather than promoting the patience out of your consumers.

2. “Focus on generating at least 1 case study to put onto the company website. Case studies are the most converting form of B2B content at the "decision" stage of the sales cycle.”

Ruthie Bowles, Senior Content Marketing Strategist, Defy The Status Quo

We mentioned creating personable content. Here’s another way to do it.

Case studies are unique because they blend spewed information and shameless promotion with a story. Journey with your consumers through the lens of a real-life picture to add meaning to all the perks you promise your product delivers. There’s nothing more believe than proof.

TIP: Add quotes to add color and focus to your case study. (In case you couldn’t already tell that we like quotes :))

3. “Naturally, having a colleague review your work will ensure greater distance, a clearer perspective, and more critical feedback.”

Adam Vinokoor, Content Marketing Manager, Zoomin.

A typo here and a grammar mistake there are bound to fall through the cracks and onto the screens of your consumers, no matter how great your work is. Bring in fresh eyes to catch those blips before your consumers slip-up on them. Hearing diverse opinions and powerful critiques will also help you create better content in the future.

B2B Experts Reveal How to Win the Content Marketing Game

4. “If you're eager for more visitors to read your content, never skip Linkedin.”

Syed Ali Hasan, Digital Marketing Manager, Film Jackets

All social media is important, but LinkedIn is essential.

More than  90% of B2B companies are using Linkedin to share and distribute content.

B2B Experts Reveal How to Win the Content Marketing Game

LinkedIn expands your reach on both businesses and consumers. It’s geared toward business unlike any other platform—perfect for establishing your brand, generating leads and staying up to date on the latest trends in your industry.

5. Recycle previously created content in drip campaigns, customer newsletters, and other initiatives.”

Vivek Kumar, CEO, Qlicket.

If you’re only posting your content when it’s new, you’re throwing it away.

Once you create something, you give it life. Each time you post it, you keep it alive. You work hard on your content, so make sure you maximize its life by revisiting and reposting and resharing it from time to time. If you don’t, all your efforts waste away in a dark pit, untouched and forgotten.

Old content isn’t necessarily outdated.

TIP: You can repost content randomly, but it helps if there’s an event. If you’re having a special deal or there’s a holiday or it’s an anniversary, use the day as a reason and generate extra excitement.

5. “The most important part is targeting the right audience at the right time.”

Gaby Svec, Content Manager,

Segmenting is key. 

If you’re not preaching to the choir, or you’re trying to preach to the choir while playing basketball, you’re not going to be heard.

There’s no rule for who the right audience is or what the right time for that audience is. You’re going to have to do some research and use analytics tools. 

FORTVISION, a digital marketing service that creates customized experiences for users, also analyzes consumer information to help you maximize your ads. The technology gathers information on users based on their preferences, and helps use this data target specific audiences.

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