eCommerce Online Business Success Secrets

We’ve researched, reached out to today’s leading companies and reviewed the best advice for you in seven quick tips—so your eCommerce online business success will be just that much easier.

eCommerce Recipe for Success

Cookbook Village  sells vintage, used and rare cookbooks for collectors and foodies seeking unique products.

eCommerce Recipe for Success

ToyShades creates vintage and contemporary sunglasses for men and women.

eCommerce recipe for success

WP Standard makes rugged leather bags, totes, and briefcases.

1. Your online business must have a WOW factor

“Traditional digital marketing channels are often overlooked.”

Wendy Guerin, Cofounder, Cookbook Village

Influencer marketing and social media ads are great assets. However, they only work if you pin down the basics first. To post and promote content, it needs to have quality and to direct leads to your home page. It’s on your site that you’ll actually secure sales.

eCommerce Recipe for Success

2. Take advantage of email marketing

“A single email, done right, can generate hundreds to thousands of dollars in business.”

Wendy Guerin, Cofounder, Cookbook Village

Focus on building an email list, and focus early.

Marketers rated email marketing as one of the most effective techniques in 2018.

Convert fans into followers while maintaining current connections by keeping subscribers up-to-date and excited about your company through a newsletter. The potential revenue you can generate from email marketing is high, and the cost is minimal at most.


Boost your consumer base on all platforms: use social media to gain email subscribers, and gain social media followers by promoting social media in emails.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

“Don’t do it alone. Ask advice from anyone and everyone.”

Ronan Kelly, General Manager, ToyShades

Different people come with different recommendations. From your best friend to your professional role model, helpful advice comes in many different shapes and sizes. You’d be surprised where some of the best ideas come from.

eCommerce Recipe for Success

No advice is the be-all and end-all answer. It’s important to take everything with a grain of salt, and adapt the advice to fit your own situation. But ultimately, hearing from others can only help you broaden your understanding and help you grow.

4. Make it Beautiful!

“Don't overlook your packaging as a means to market to customers.”

Wendy Guerin, Cofounder, Cookbook Village
eCommerce Recipe for Success

Whenever you contact a customer, you have an opportunity to connect, so it’s important to make the most of it. Whether it be an email with a loyalty discount, a teaser for your latest product or a holiday greeting, your users will appreciate the thought. 

5. Loyalty Matters

“Pay attention to your existing customers.”

Ryan Barr, Founder, Whipping Post

If you’re always chasing new consumers, you run the risk of neglecting the ones who exist. Consumers who have stuck around through thick and thin are not just a loyal fan base but also helpful for product  feedback. Make sure your customers stay up-to-date by asking them for advice and sending them small rewards. This way you’ll secure the foundation you need for ultimate growth.

eCommerce Recipe for Success

6. Always be up-to-date

“Stay fresh.”

Ronan Kelly, General Manager, ToyShades

Change in business is inevitable, and part of being in a changing industry in learning how to adapt with it. Make sure you’re on top of the latest trends and work with them; it’s just awkward to wear last year’s shoes to this year’s party. 

Here are some ways ToyShades recommends to “stay fresh”:

7. Use ads to create advantage

“Invest wisely in paid ads. Hire someone that understands how to run an ad program for you that will produce results.”

Wendy Guerin, Cofounder, Cookbook Village

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