Create a Form that Responds to People’s Answers

Personalization is the name of the game today for marketers. It’s no longer efficient to use the spray-and-pray approach to attracting, engaging and retaining users.

Why is Skip Logic Necessary for Marketers?

Skip logic lets you send people down different paths in your survey depending on how they answer your questions.

 This type of logic creates a custom path through the survey that varies based on the respondent’s answers. The skip pattern varies based on what you want the user to do: the rules that you set up for the respondent.

How Skip Logic Works

Customized Results

Skip logic allows you to provide ultimate customization, so you can direct users to anywhere they need to go. 

I always start by creating the actions I want the users to take at the end of the quiz.

Direct Users
Collect Leads
Receive an sms
How to Create a Quiz
Receive a CALL

How it Works

Conditional statements make these a breeze. In fact, one of our customers explained it well:

To create logic-jump surveys, polls and quizzes, it helps to first say it out loud: 'If the test taker likes dogs, then he or she should be directed to dog-related content or specific eCommerce pages or further questions in the quiz that is relevant.'

Feedback Surveys

Skip logic lets you send people down different paths in your survey depending on how they answer your questions.

If you’re asking for company feedback and someone loved your company, you can ask them what they think is great then send them to the end of the survey.

Or, if they weren’t too pleased, you can ask him or her for feedback on how to improve, and you can apply logic to a specific question or entire page.

How to get Customer Feedback
Poll for Data Gathering

Product Recommendations

Skip-logic quizzes are great for product recommendations because you do not need to drag the person through questions that are not relative to them. 

When this happens, users usually drop off and don’t complete the quiz.


Multiple Conditions

Adding more conditions or “branches” lets you dive deeper into your visitors’ minds while segmenting your audience for a more personal experience. Multiple conditions are necessary for product recommendations. For example, a makeup store increased sales and signups by providing a multiple-condition decision tree.


Advanced skip logic is a useful way to engage users in a fun way that leads to more conversions and better data. Utilizing it on your website allows you the ability to personalize all future interactions too. By placing pixels in your campaigns, you stay relevant to users by showing the right message to that user through re-targeting ads

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