Consumer Comprehension: Vol. 2

Cutting-edge psychology combined with marketing tips, for you to truly comprehend your consumers.

August 4, 2019.

Merely expose yourself to your consumers enough, and they’ll expose their wallets to you.

The “mere-exposure effect” explains how the more we see something, the more we identify with it, and the more likely we are to buy it.

It all began in 1876, when psychologists found that people who were exposed to familiar things felt a sense of “warmth.”

Then in a 2007 study, college students were instructed to read articles on a computer. Different banner ads were flashed on the screen while they were reading, with one ad designated as the “test” banner. The group that was exposed to the “test” banner rated it more favorably than ads that they weren’t exposed to.

Research now indicates that maximum effect of exposure is between 10 and 20 exposures. After that, it likely doesn’t have a strong effect.

You too can use the mere-exposure effect to improve your company’s rating! Nobody is going to dish out money to someone they just met. But if you’re a friend or family member, it’s a different story. Be present enough in your consumer’s life to gain that relationship. If you advertise enough—and then more than enough and more than that—you will become a familiar face that consumers will favor and flock to.

Be loud and proud!

Capture consumers’ attention, and make sure you stand out with pop-ups, colors and enticing languaging. Because a consumer may be more likely to purchase a product based on how often they encounter it, make sure they encounter you all the time, everywhere.

Create conversations.

Social media is the ultimate tool for broadcasting. It’s where you can scream, shout, and exert yourself literally all over the world. So do it: post often and engage with consumers and other companies online. The more people you reach, the more people there will be who are familiar with you.

Review, review, review.

Not only do reviews boost your credibility and build trust, but they also generate action and traffic to your business. In fact, even negative reviews can help you––because negative attention is still attention. Make sure you encourage consumers to leave reviews, putting you in the spotlight. Next time they make a purchase, they’ll see that spotlight has that “warmth” of familiarity and they’ll choose your product.

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