Consumer Comprehension: Vol. 1

Cutting-edge psychology combined with marketing tips, for you to truly comprehend your consumers.

July 28, 2019.

Use the power of authority to power your conversions.

People are greatly influenced by authority. They are more likely to comply with a task if pressured to do so by an authority figure.

In the 1960s, psychologist Stanley Milgram was interested in why and how so many ordinary people committed genocide in the Holocaust. Participants were told to administer shocks to people who made mistakes in a basic word game and to increase the level of shock each time. If they refused to administer the shocks, participants were given four more orders prompting them to do so. Milgram found that ⅔ (65%) of participants continued to give shocks to the lethal, highest level (450 volts), and all of the participants continued to 300 volts.

You too can use the power of authority to “shock” your consumers with influencer marketing (minus the pain, of course)! Influencer marketing is using figures who are influential—either from expertise or social reach—to promote your product. Just as the study participants delivered shocks because they were told to, potential consumers who see figures advocating and using a product will be compelled to do the same.

There are right influencers and wrong influencers.

Figure out what makes sense based on your product and your audience. You might get a big name celebrity or a political expert to promote your product, but an influencer who is unrelated to your field and fails to impress your consumers is worthless.

Your influencer needs to look the part, too.

Authority status depends on both experience and appearance. If you are promoting an outdoorsy product, shoot a video promoting it with your influencer scaling a mountain in the background. If you’re business is more intellectual, make sure you influencer is dressed formally and professionally.

Make sure your influencer posts on their personal page, in addition to tagging your company.

A great perk influencer marketing is that you get access to another fan base, another audience, another segment. If you only post from your account, you fail to enter a door that’s been opened for you.

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