Best Ways to Repurpose Content with Interactive Experiences

Creating new content is time-consuming. It requires planning, research, writing, proofing and more. Without it though, brands risk losing engagement, awareness, revenue and retention. Being able to repurpose static content into visual, interactive, animated formats will save you tons of time (and get you lots of new leads)

Types of Content for Repurposing

When searching for content to repurpose, you need to remember that is not just about updating the article. The purpose is not to make more of the same. In order to make repurposing content worth it, you need to find articles that will look great being interactive.

So, how do you do this? How do you know what will be good for visual repurposing? Our team of content marketers sat down and put together this list of the content pieces to look for for repurposing.

How B2B Companies Can Use Stories for Lead Generation

Articles with "Tips"

I think it’s a pretty good guess on my part to assume most of us have written or currently have on our company blogs articles featuring tips. It might start something like this, “Top 5 Tips for (INSERT COMPANY TYPE HERE).” 

These are perfect for creating stories that drive conversions. For example, since stories are moving, you can choose to take only a few tips (sans the description in the original article.) Then on the last slide, provide a button for readers to see all the tips in detail. 

Or, you could even put a lead form at the end (see below), and then you can encourage people to sign up to receive future tips straight to their emails, making it a great lead-generation tool.

Story Cover

Slides with Tips

Story Back Cover

How B2B Companies Can Use Stories for Lead Generation

Step-by-Step Guides

These are really popular for B2B companies to create in their blogs. Whether you call it a “how-to” or something else, the story format makes these step-by-step guides a great option to repackage the text in a visually stunning way. 

Cover Slide

Steps 1 - 3

CTA Back Cover

Best Ways to Repurpose Content with Interactive Experiences


creating infographic for visual storytelling

Many different content pieces you already have are probably excellent for infographic format. It’s not so hard to do. Usually you can take the subtitles and make those the sections on the infographic. Then you can head over to freepik or pixaby or any other free image provider. Usually people use icons to show things in the infographic, and these are super easy to find. 

Creating infographics with content you already own is simple. The hardest part is finding the right software to do it. The problem with free providers, such as Venngage with their free plan, is that you don’t get to put your own branding on things, and since these go viral on social quickly, you want to make sure that your infographic is branded well: in your own brand’s colors and with your logo. 


Use tools such as Visme to create beautiful infographics in minutes. There are tons of pre-made templates that make it easy to take any information and improve it through visuals. They wrote a cool article about it here.

Do yourself a favor and start repurposing content today. You’ll save time, gain more engagement through interactivity, and receive more leads by providing powerful forms and CTAs on your interactive content.

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