Very Nice to Meet You!

What We Do

Here at FORTVISION, we make it super easy for companies of every type to grow. From B2B sites who want to increase engagement, eCommerce sites who want to sell more and advertisers who want to grow traffic to publishers who want to monetize, we offer a full suite of solutions, no matter the goal.

How We Do It

We created a super easy-to-use content campaign editor for creating  a wide array of interactive content that visitors love including quizzes, polls, stories, swipers and more. 

We wanted to eliminate the need for developers (with our one-time easy plug-in) and the need for designers, to allow for the creation of beautiful campaigns in seconds. Start from a blank canvas or take one of our high-performing templates and infuse it with your own coloring and branding.

Raanan Eran
Founder and CEO

Prior to founding FORTVISION in 2015, Raanan managed BI departments at several tech companies. Raanan served as Head of an R&D team in 8200 unit of the IDF’s Intelligent Corp. He also holds an M.Sc. In Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion.

Erez Wertman

Specialties include building things fast, delivering software from concept to production, and Managing R&D teams. Erez has a strong understanding of business needs and gaps in design and implementation, Web, server, client, and databases.

Amit Pelzig
VP Sales

With vast experience in the online advertising industry, Amit has led a team of Sales and Media managers in tier-one publishers and gaming companies. He has excellent interpersonal relations and is well connected within the advertising industry. Pelzig is also tech savvy and a creative thinker.

Dana Roth, Marketing Manager
Dana Roth
Marketing Manager

Dana has extensive experience in working for tech companies, from small startups to large, established companies. She has helped several startups already who had exits. She holds a Bachelor of Journalism from the Missouri School of Journalism.