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Top Content-Marketing Questions This Week – Straight From You


We love our community of users, and we enjoy taking an active role in their content-marketing plans–no matter the question or concern.

Here’s a list (with our answers) of your top concerns this week.

What are some ways to increase conversions on my website?

It’s important to make sure you really understand your audience. Even if you don’t, you can fake it with AI-triggered messaging to personalize what each user sees while on your site. By sending the right message to the right user at the right time, you have a much better chance for increasing conversions because you can be proactive. By setting up rules such as “when a user is idle for 20 seconds on the checkout page, then send a specific, personalized message.

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What are some effective ideas to generate leads within content?

The best way to collect leads for your content is by making it interactive. For example, quizzes, contests, infographics and more interactive content to drive traffic and to get more leads. By putting lead forms on interactive content, you will get many more leads than regular, static content.

Quiz + Lead Form
Story + Lead Form

What makes a good landing page?

  • They highlight the offer–not the company. Future prospective customers are clicking for a reason.

  • They are targeted. You can get as niche as you want with landing pages, since you get to decide what traffic should land there.

  • They are concise. The pages should contain only the most important information for that specific vertical.

  • The forms are not intimidating. Don’t overwhelm and scare off people before they even begin. This usually happens when a form has tons of fields to fill out or if it asks too personal questions.

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