Top Growth Hacks for Getting Subscribers Quickly

The internet is a daily battle for attention. With consistent updates to Facebook’s and Google’s algorithms, content marketing has changed considerably. For instance, it’s become harder to have content with click-bait titles show up on Google searches and Facebook feeds. 

This means that your content marketing, at both the strategic and execution levels, must adapt to those changes. 

So, Why the Change?

Attracting audiences has become even harder today, as consumers are frequently inundated with content from everywhere. In fact, the average reader on the Internet only retains a fraction of what they read. However, pairing that static text with highly animated and super interactive content features, readers will remember your message, share your content, and visit your site more.

Content Formats with the Highest Engagement Rates

Quizzes and Personality Tests

Quizzes receive 4x more shares on social media than static articles do (according to our research of more than 200 clients).

Chat Bot

Increase conversion rates and customer loyalty via awesome customer service.


No matter what you create, you can show it off in a fun, interactive way that requires the user to flip the page (just like a book).

Animated, Interactive Infographics

Interactive videos give viewers the opportunity to determine how their viewing experience unfolds.

Interactive Videos

The forms interactive video can take are limitless. From, gamified content, clickable menus and interactive storylines, this is the future of videos today.


Quickly find out any stat you want about your users or engage them with timely questions, “favorite movie, Final Four winner, etc.

Steps to Get More Followers

Engage Users Right Away

Within the first 6 seconds, a user has already made up his or her mind about leaving or staying on your site. By hooking users’ attention right away, you can keep them on the site longer

Attract Traffic

Because interactive content, such as quizzes, polls, surveys, etc., get shared 4x more than regular, static content, it makes sense that these branded content pieces drive more traffic than even Paid Ads. Not only will more people engage with your interactive post on social media, but more people will share it–increasing your brand awareness.

Embed Beautiful Lead Capture Forms

Interactive content is more likely to convert users to loyal subscribers because you can gate some of your content without annoying your audience. For example, you could provide a quiz and ask for the person to sign a lead-gen form at the end to receive the results. We encourage placing easy, embeddable lead-gen forms. Capture and convert up to 400% more leads using lead-capture forms..

Provide Incentives for Sign-Ups

Although not a new suggestion, it is still one that we can’t ignore. By offering a discount or a free content resource for signing up dramatically increases the number of sign-ups. 

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