Mother's day

Not Only Cards and Flowers:
Mother's Day Marketing


Mother's Day marketing strategies used to focus on the characteristics of the holiday, such as giving flowers and other forms of presents to celebrate mothers. The gift-giving holiday influences business trends, especially in card shops, flower outlets, social treats and related businesses and gift shops. However, any business can enjoy an increase in sales with the help of special marketing strategies for Mother’s Day. People also buy gifts for other special women in their life, not only their mothers. It would be wise to learn about these strategies to stay on the radar and avoid missing out on massive deals that come up on that day.

Mother's Day Marketing Ideas

If you target huge sales during this period, you need unique ideas to keep up and, most importantly, stay ahead of your competitors. Luckily, we are here to help. Here are some ideas to get you started!

1.Target and Segmentize

If a shopper has a specific Mother’s Day gift in mind, they will likely get only this product and nothing else. By using targeting and segmentation, you can show different messages and content to different users. Use segments like interests and keywords to trigger automated Mother’s Day messages to specific customers, leads, and site visitors. Marketing automation platforms can help you with that.


Increase engagement using dynamic content and creatives across different channels – Email, SMS, WhatsApp, website, advertising, landing pages, and apps. Replace home page banners according to visitor geolocation, activate pop-ups upon exit intent, send email with coupons for products viewed, and display sales offers to any segment you’d like. You can even add a chatbot on the site to offer help if a user is stuck on a page for more than x minutes and hasn't made a purchase.

2. Personalize Product Recommendations

Today’s shoppers expect the highest level of content to be shown to them, and the content always must be relevant specifically for them. By using personalized product recommendations on the shopping cart page, for example, you can upsell and cross-sell their cart’s value and volume, and thus increase sales and revenue. Personalized content or product recommendations can also come in the form of an Email with Mother’s Day special recommendations.

Take personalization to the next level with on-site engagement tools: Mother’s Day gift matching quiz, Tinder-like swiper to show site visitors more products, polls, personal coupons, and more.

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3. Add Social Proof

Customers tend to look for social proof when purchasing a product, so displaying customer reviews to potential customers can be beneficial. The reviews will provide social proof to your potential customers and will lessen the time that your customers need to research your product. Collect reviews from your customers via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, or your site to automatically display them on specific product pages or on the home page. You can even add them in emails sent to leads.

4. Build Trust and Convey Urgency

While planning your marketing strategy, it is essential to remember that most Mother's Day purchases are usually unplanned and done at the last minute. An emotional factor comes into play as your customers choose the right gift for their mothers. It means that you will need extra effort and a more personalized approach to convince a customer that your brand is the perfect choice for them.

You also need to express to the customer the urgency to purchase before it is too late. This marketing strategy amplifies the already present feelings of the customers wanting to purchase a Mother's Day gift for their mothers, hence a great marketing strategy. You can display FOMO messages that create a sense of urgency for the customers, for instance, "X people viewed the product in the last 24 hours." You can also make up timely discounts like flash sales that will expire after a short period.

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5. Use Remarketing Campaigns

It’s rare that someone buys what they were looking for at the first time they search for it. By using remarketing ads, you can retarget your site’s visitors to remind them of the products or content they viewed on the site. Remarketing campaigns can serve as the shopper’s breaking point to finish that sale, or at the very least, they can serve as a reminder of your brand and increase awareness. You can use banners that encourage Mother’s Day gift shopping generally, or even show specific products like recently viewed ones, abandoned, popular, etc.

All these strategies are available with FORTVISION. FORTVISION is a marketing automation and web personalization platform that helps online brands across different industries to drive more sales through advanced targeting and segmentation. You can use the platform to trigger personalized and dynamic content on Emails, SMS, WhatsApp, sites, landing pages, ads, and applications.

The best way to market for Mother's Day is using FORTVISION, which has advanced segmentation to send emails encouraging customers to click and buy. FORTVISION will offer insights that provide the customer with products they have browsed, bought from you, engaged with, responded to, and their lifetime purchase of your brands. FORTVISION will combine this information with smart recommendations, helping you develop highly personalized emails that show customers what they seek.


The marketing strategies we have provided can help make your Mother's Day marketing more visible, accessible and focused. We hope you can successfully incorporate some of these ideas into your marketing strategy to boost your sales on Mother's Day!

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