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Marketing Automation –
Effective Strategies


Automating marketing can be overwhelming, but it is also an exciting opportunity. Knowing where to start is essential to use the most effective strategies out there.

Automated campaigns are an effective way to connect with potential customers, and FORTVISION can help to do just that. Your marketing team will be more efficient and spend time doing other important work. Here is a guide to help get you started with effective automation campaigns:


New customers will remain loyal customers if you lay a good foundation from the start. Use FORTVISION'S automation flow to send out welcome emails to new customers automatically. Make sure you provide them with all the information they need to contact your company.

Once you have laid the foundation, follow up with another automated email in a week that includes content such as online training videos or eBooks that will be useful to the customer.

Conclude the campaign automation with a third email to guide customers to your company's available resources. Include information on where to find your blog and provide a content library.

When customers can easily navigate your company's site and find what they need, they are more likely to remain loyal customers.

Lead nurturing

Campaign automation is essential in helping to expedite the process from first contact to establishing the customer as a buyer. Start your campaign by preparing a list of leads that you can follow up on and nurture.

The first contact, be it via email, SMS, WhatsApp, or some other platform, should focus on a common problem that customers are looking to solve. The following contact should show how your products or services offer a solution to that problem.

To conclude the campaign, make contact that presents the opportunity for your leads to learn more about what you can offer. p If done correctly, this campaign will help build interest from your potential leads.Include a live demo, link to a blog, or other information that will be useful.

Customer retention

Automated campaigns can also help your company retain current customers. Anticipate the consumer's needs and start an open dialogue via FORTVISION using platforms such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, telegram, and personalized content on your e-commerce site. Content could include surveys, popups, chatbots, and more.

A retention campaign should be clear about your company’s values and show your customer support. The campaign length and contact schedule will be determined by the selling schedule in your particular industry. If you rely on retaining customers through annual renewals, you may run this campaign once a year.

FORTVISION can also help you use this opportunity to send out customer satisfaction surveys giving them a chance to provide helpful feedback and recommendations. This will show the customer that your company prioritizes their needs.

Re-engaging customers

Automated campaigns can help bring back past customers. Using FORTVISION, you can create automated campaigns that will get their attention. FORTVISION can create a marketing list of past customers who have not purchased in the past six months or any time frame you like, and then re-engage them with email, SMS, WhatsApp, telegram, Google ads, and other methods. You can send out special offers and coupons for returning customers.

Use an automated campaign to get their attention and bring them back. Provide customers with something of value that will make their return more significant – address a problem they have mentioned, provide educational material, or introduce a new product they may like.

This campaign should remind them why they were a customer to begin with and what else you have to offer that would make it worth re-engaging at this particular time.

Using these campaign automation strategies will boost your marketing performance in no time!

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