How This popular eCommerce shop doubled its no. of checkouts

In less than one month, this women's eCommerce boutique sold twice as much inventory on the items promoted with interactive content.


The global eCommerce shop wants to increase its engagement, brand awareness and total number of checkouts.


First, they learned more about their users and their preferences through fun polls. Then they were able to optimize their site and content based on the collected user feedback.


By incorporating the following components to its site, the company was able to exceed its goals: Chatbot,
Quiz, Poll, Remarketing Campaigns.


The content campaigns received 4 times the amount of engagement compared to other static content on the site.



This Miami-based client is a popular, go-to online retail destination for modern style. The company offers a comprehensive, curated  collection of apparel and accessories from contemporary and designer labels. The client has a popular shopping app with more than 5,000 positive reviews. 


This 6-year-old women’s eCommerce boutique in Miami has more than 5,000 page visits a day. The shop features a wide array of products, including accessories, bags, shoes and clothing. 


Although happy with the amount of organic traffic coming from ad campaigns, they are disappointed with the engagement (and low check-out rate) on the site.  


A/B Testing: The company created a campaign and used out A/B testing software to quickly create and  deploy all campaigns with two versions instantly. Whether it is the color of a button or the entire messaging, the boutique was able to test and optimize in real-time.

Opinion Polls & Surveys: These popular formats allows you to quickly ask opinion-based questions that increases engagement while providing you with valuable insights for optimization.

Chatbot: These popular formats allows you to quickly ask opinion-based questions that increases engagement while providing you with valuable insights for optimization.


Engagement: The company created a quiz asking subscribers to “What Your Personality Says About Your Fashion Style.”

New Leads: The company received 127 new leads from the lead-capture form on the Personality Quiz.

Retention: The company saw an increase in return visitors. By providing fun content (that was not too sales-y), they grew their level of loyal fans.

Clicks Converted to Checkouts
Average Reviews
Cheryl Winger
Cheryl Winger
We received so many new engagements that we were able to turn into new, loyal shoppers!

featured Tools

01: Chatbot

The company choose to include a Chatbot on their site to provide support to users at any stage in the purchase funnel.

02: Poll

The company wanted to learn more about its audience: the needs, wants and shopping preferances to find out why people were leaving before completing check out.

03: Remarketing Campaigns

Recover bounced website visitors and turn them into customers. Gain repeat visitors. Increase brand awareness. Strengthen SEO and content marketing efforts.

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