How Interactive Content Helps Sites Grow

So, you’ve just launched some great campaigns, and you’re happy with the amount of traffic you received. But, you can’t understand why increased traffic is not increasing your lead-generation efforts and not leading to tons of more sales.


To increase brand awareness, engagement, conversion and retention, you must consider how the user is interacting with your messaging every time they enter your site.

The following formats receive 4 times more engagement than other static content pieces.


Top Interactive Types


Never miss an opportunity to convert a new lead by customizing your messaging per user per stage in the sales funnel


Marketers can use quizzes as part of their marketing strategy to generate brand awareness, drive engagement, and increase retention. Organizations also use quizzes to strengthen lessons, such as on-boarding new employees and ongoing training.

Popular Interaction Types

Leverage loved, interactive features and gestures from social media by incorporating them to your website/app to spice up the page.

Non-Intrusive Call-to-Actions

No matter your message, make sure you are delivering it in a friendly, non-obnoxious way. Huge popups annoy customers and don't let you tailor the message to individual viewers of your site. Non-intrusive Call-to-Actions, however, are created with each specific user in mind.

Popular Formats


This tool allows for complete customization. You can tailor your messaging to each individual who enters your site: new or returning users, length of time on page, items in shopping cart, etc.

Interactive Videos

The forms interactive video can take are limitless. From, gamified content, clickable menus and interactive storylines, this is the perfect format for increasing your base of loyal followers.


Marketers can use quizzes as to generate brand awareness, drive engagement, and increase retention. Brands also use quizzes to strengthen on-boarding new employees and ongoing training. ​

Landing Pages

Make your lead-gen forms are optimized for success by including awesome features that came from the FORTICO.


Quickly find out any stat you want about your users or engage them with timely questions, “favorite movie, Final Four winner, etc.


Create more interest with an interactive before and after effect that grabs users' attention and encourages them to read and click.


Show off your images or content in a fun way in which the user has control over how much they want to linger while looking.

interactive content


Non-intrusive buttons that can be placed anywhere on any page to draw attention, capture leads, and to magnify your message.

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