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Engage Better
Customer engagement in ecommerce is paramount to success and must be a constant priority for your company. If your company isn’t hitting its sales targets, the reason could be because your would-be shoppers are having a better time shopping for similar things somewhere else. Today, it’s not enough to just sell your products and pray for the best. Today, eCommerce success depends on the users’ experiences shopping with you.
Flexible Layout Choices
Choose how you want your campaigns to appear.

Teasers (FORTICOS)

Say anything to your visitors in a non-intrusive manner. You can quickly gather names by offering an incentive to click. For example, a clothing e-tailer’s call-to-action appeared for all new users on the homepage. It offered 25% off for people who clicked on the call-to-action. They were then directed to a beautiful landing page to capture leads.

Lead Generation

Create a beautiful lead-gen campaign in seconds. Mix and match any of our awesome content formats as often as you want. Whether it is a new promotional campaign for the holidays or a style-finder quiz, there are tons of uses that attract, engage and retain users.


Place your interactive content quickly and easily within any text on any page within your store.

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FORTVISION allows you to improve customer experience by communicating highly relevant messages with real-time personalization, Improve marketing ROI with contextualized and engagement actionable data and Advertise yourself across top publishers to attract potential shoppers and customers.
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